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uE Clan | Internal organisation

In the near future, we will be restructuring some of the senior management because our "project" did not go up to our expectations. For the members, however, everything remains as usual.



CS:GO | 99Liga

Yesterday at 6 pm our second Team 2felhaft Academy played their first game.

With 16: 1 on overpass and 16: 6 on cache we did get a 2-0 win.

Today you can watch the first game of our main team on twitch at 18:00. The unconditional goal for them, of course, is the ascension.

# 99Liga


Call of Duty | BLACK OPS 4

Yesterday we were allowed to watch the community reveal of "Call of Duty - Black Ops 4"!

The game is currently still in the pre-alpha, but you might already say that BO4 will have many little gameplay changes. Maybe one of the Call of Duty games with the most most (not necessarily the biggest) innovations we ever had.


CS:GO | 99 Liga start

Somewhat surprising, yet the registration for 99Liga Season 9 is open in 6 days. While this somewhat upsets our schedule, we can still stick to our plan of starting with two teams into the next season!

# 99Liga


Future of uE Clans

Recently our leader is uE | Dr.Black resigned from his position due to private issues. As a member, of course, he will stay with us. In its place now uE | Durance, who previously worked as a manager in eSports and community. # uE4life


CS:GO | Now 2 teams

Next season we will start with 2 CS: GO teams. One in Division 5 and one in the Starter Div.

# 99Liga

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CoD community tournament - Finals

Our Community Tournament is already over .... Well, almost. The final needs to be played still! uE RED and uE Prime are currently in the process of making an appointment for the match taking place in the bo7. The game will of course be streamed.

As soon as we have new information you will learn it here first.



CS:GO - 99league Season 8

Unfortunately, our team got a very tough group and narrowly missed the direct enter to Division 4. We are now placed in Division 5 for next season, which is expected to start in 2-3 months. 

# 99Liga


CS:GO 99league Season 8 - Anmeldung

Well over 2000 teams have signed up for the 99 Damage League Season 8. We are also part of it! 

# 99Liga


CoD - uE community tournament

IThere we go! We host our first tournament and the registration is over today. 19 different teams from all over Europe and beyond have registered.

Do you feel the hype? All games will be streamed and boxed if possible.



Happy new year!

The uE-clan wishes you a happy new year! Celebrate beautiful! 2018 is gonna be sick !!!

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